So if you have been doing any search for flights from point A to point B in past few days, chances are you would have seen Google giving you additional options in the form of flight suggestions via its not so newest, not so secretive Google Flights. Now why do I say not so newest, well, Google Flight had been in public beta in a few country for like well over a year. Not so secretive cos it has been available if you know what to look for. Having said that, Google Flights is probably my most favorite website to check out when I have nothing better to do planning for a while range of places to visit. My trip to Oslo was because of it. If I visit Copenhagen in December, you know why.

Well coming to real reason why I am writing about it now, quite simply to talk about my experience. Google Flights helps you plan vacation better. Want to be in Place X for 2 or 3 days, you know what the flight cost is. Want to know how to plan a multi city trip with all legs planned, Google Flights to the rescue. Want to know when to go on vacation, you know who to turn to. Most importantly, I combine Google Flights with Rome2Rio to plan my vacation across Flights, Bus and Trains to travel with as little inconvenience possible. It is absolutely compatible with Rome2Rio which means since you can play with date and time of flight, R2R helps you plan the onground transport while GF takes care of flights this covering all transport options.

Plan for next vacation with GF and R2R for simpler scheduling and maximum value