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February 2016

Beer 07: Gulpener Gladiator

Beer: Third beer from Gulpener Brewery among 7 so far is to say something about the beers from the brewery. Gulpener Gladiator is a beer you drink less of to get knocked out fast cos it has a strength of 10% hence ideal for parties and not for enjoying alone

Strength: 10% ABV

Brewery: Brand


Beer 06: Brand Weizen

Beer: Brand Weizen is a wheat beer from the brewery Brand which is brewed inĀ  Limburg according to traditional Bavarian recipe.

Strength: 5.1% ABV

Brewery: Brand

Review: Light, fresh tasting beer to be enjoyed in summer or with friends

More info: Brand Weizen


Beer 05: Maredsous Triple

Beer: Maredsous triple is one of those that can hide their truly awesome character in a seemingly simple attire. Bottled to look like a Duvel beer but has a character and taste that is so unlike a Duvel. Stronger than a Duvel but without its bitter taste

Strength: 10%

Brewery: Maredsous Abbey is a 19th Century benedictine monastery which makes cheese and cups to be self sufficient along with Beer brewing

Review: Simply delicious as it has lightness of a lager without the bitter accompanied by higher strength than a lager


Beer 04: Hoegaarden White

Beer: Hoegaarden White has been a long term favorite of mine as it is enjoyable any time of the day or year making it a perfect companion

Strength: 4.9%ABV

Brewery: First Brewed in the village Hoegaarden in 1445, the tradition almost died in 1950s and was since revived by Pierre Celis and later by InBev, continues to be the most popular Wheat Beer in Belgium

More Info: Hoegaarden White


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