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January 2016

Beer 03: Gulpener Ur-Pilsner

Beer: Following up on the heels of the Wintervrund, Ur Pilsner  is a nice Pilsener by Gulpener brewery. A 100% organic pilsner from only organically grown barley and hops.

Strength: 5% ABV


Review:  Delicious fresh with a spicy, slightly bitter twist

More Info: Gulpener Ur-Pilsner


Beer 02: Brand DubbelBock

Beer: Brand Doublebock is brewed by the Brand Brewery  which is a Dutch brewery founded in 1871 by the Brand family in Wijlre. The name comes from the Brand family which in 1871 purchased the Netherlands oldest brewery (1340) and remained in management after its acquisition by Heineken.

Strength: 7.5% ABV

Bock is a strong lager of German origin. Several substyles exist, including maibock (helles bock, heller bock), a paler, more hopped version generally made for consumption at spring festivals; doppelbock(double bock), a stronger and maltier version; and eisbock, a much stronger version made by partially freezing the beer and removing the ice that forms.

Doppelbock or double bock is a stronger version of traditional bock that was first brewed in Munich by the Paulaner Friars, a Franciscan order founded by St. Francis of Paula Historically, doppelbock was high in alcohol and sweet, thus serving as “liquid bread” for the Friars during times of fasting, when solid food was not permitted. Today, doppelbock is still strong—ranging from 7%–12% or more by volume. It is clear, with colour ranging from dark gold, for the paler version, to dark brown with ruby highlights for darker version. It has a large, creamy, persistent head (although head retention may be impaired by alcohol in the stronger versions). The aroma is intensely malty, with some toasty notes, and possibly some alcohol presence as well; darker versions may have a chocolate-like or fruity aroma. The flavour is very rich and malty, with toasty notes and noticeable alcoholic strength, and little or no detectable hops (. Paler versions may have a drier finish. The monks who originally brewed doppelbock named their beer “Salvator” (“Savior”), which today is trademarked by Paulaner.

Review: Beer 01 is not dethroned but still a really good beer in its own right. Light, Slightly sweet and enjoyed on a cold evening near a fireplace

More Info: Brand DubbelBock


Beer 01: Gulpener Wintervrund

Beer: Gulpener Wintervrund is brewed by the Gulpener brewery of Netherlands which claims to be the true Dutch brewery. Wintervrund is a brew fit for the winter hence the name Wintervrund literally meaning Winter-Friend.

Strength: 8.5% ABV


Brewer: Gulpener is a family brewery and as yet independent from the likes of Heineken etc. It has been brewing beers since 1825 which is relatively young compared to other brewers/ monasteries such as Grimbergen who have been brewing since 1128 and Brand since 1340. Despite its age, Gulpener produces beers which are remarkable and distinct from its peers.

Review:  Taste is distinct with a not too dry, slightly fruity / non bitter taste. Perfect fit for the winter.

More info: Gulpener Wintervrund

2016: Project 52

A significant percentage of people begin the new year with resolutions, of which some are vague like get healthy and some are precise like make a million dollars. Some succeed, most fail.

Like most, I have a resolution or rather a project, to taste and test 52 brands or types of beers codenamed Project 52. When I try a new one, i will post about details of brewer, beer and some history where I can find. Here’s to hoping I succeed. Cheers


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