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September 2016

Beer 20: Frontaal Billiard Imperial Coffee Stout

Frontaal Billiard is an awesome imperial coffee stout from Brewer Frontaal of Breda, Netherlands and is an aged on whole coffee beans giving it a flavor of coffee in a stout

Strength: 9.5%ABV

Review: One of my personal favorite stout beers

More info: Frontaal brewery


Beer 19: Kasztelan Niepasteryzowany

Kasztelan Niepasteryzowane is a unpasteurized beer from Carlsberg Polska which gives it a completely unique freshness.

But because it is not pasteurized, Kasztelan Niepasteryzowane has a relatively short shelf life of 35 days. However, that means it’s always fresh on the shelves straight from the brewery in Siepc in central Poland.

Strength: 5.7% ABV

Review: Totally an acquired taste

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Coffee with mini cone of Arabica Coffee ice cream

Eindhoven might not be very different from a modern global city with very little heritage value but it has its spots. One such is Ijshoeske D’anna on Hoogstraat which serves coffee with a small side of Coffee Icecream. Just Yum

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