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January 9, 2016

Beer 01: Gulpener Wintervrund

Beer: Gulpener Wintervrund is brewed by the Gulpener brewery of Netherlands which claims to be the true Dutch brewery. Wintervrund is a brew fit for the winter hence the name Wintervrund literally meaning Winter-Friend.

Strength: 8.5% ABV


Brewer: Gulpener is a family brewery and as yet independent from the likes of Heineken etc. It has been brewing beers since 1825 which is relatively young compared to other brewers/ monasteries such as Grimbergen who have been brewing since 1128 and Brand since 1340. Despite its age, Gulpener produces beers which are remarkable and distinct from its peers.

Review:  Taste is distinct with a not too dry, slightly fruity / non bitter taste. Perfect fit for the winter.

More info: Gulpener Wintervrund

2016: Project 52

A significant percentage of people begin the new year with resolutions, of which some are vague like get healthy and some are precise like make a million dollars. Some succeed, most fail.

Like most, I have a resolution or rather a project, to taste and test 52 brands or types of beers codenamed Project 52. When I try a new one, i will post about details of brewer, beer and some history where I can find. Here’s to hoping I succeed. Cheers


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