Boredom is the mother of trying something new. Boredom from doing the same old stuff, failing repeatedly at something, doing nothing. Breaking away from Boredom means trying something out of the ordinary and even though the break might be relatively close by we usually never try it.
Something of that sort was what was happening with me in terms of watching something on TV. Same old Superhero movies, TV series etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am a super, mega fan of the genre but off late i am having an overdose.
Also, on par with this is the detective-civilian TV series, etc etc. Thus, when i really was searching for something new to watch, i came across Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories on Netflix. The series seems to be inspired by movie Midnight Diner released in 2015 and the Japanese show, Shinya shokudĂ´, released in 2009. The actor, Kaoru Kobayashi, appears in all 3.
The Series is set in a Diner which is open from Midnight until Dawn and does not have a menu but the Chef is willing to whip up whatever his clients ask as long as he has the ingredients. At the diner, people share stories, make new friends, get a new perspective on life.
I have just watched the second episode and as far i can tell, this is not just good, it is mind-blowingly awesome. The story moves in an unhurried pace, tightly strung story line which keeps you hooked on. No unnecessary story time and simple, perfectly plausible and relatable stories.
So, in case you have Netflix, do watch it. Else, I am sure, there are other means… like buying a Netflix Subscription