We, me, swapna, Ankit and pragya, had been on a trip to Budapest and Bratislava during March 2016. Bratislava was essentially a check box to be checked during the trip.

Budapest offers a wide variety of experience ranging from Prague-esque Castle on the hill to Turkish bath-esque Thermal pools but the most awesomest of them all was Haveli. Haveli was the best Indian restaurant I have ever been to in all of restaurants we have been to thus far and  discounting the Italians in their trattorias or Spanish in their Iberian hams.

Haveli is essentially an Indian restaurant in Budapest in its own bubble where everything is Indian about the food like in India. The waiter gets surprised in a wrong way if you tell him to hold back the spice in dal tadka or says it is par to make the biryani a little spicier than normal. Where the pungent spice would make your eyes water because it has no way out and goes into your eyes making you squeamish but also exhilarated about the food to follow. Where the food is so much like in India you start bickering which dish was the best. Where after a tiring day or travel to another country, you only worry about whether you will be awake to eat in Haveli.

Haveli was a pleasant revelation and an unexpected delightful addition to out itinerary in Budapest and would recommend making it part of anyone who is visiting Budapest