Beer:Plzeňský Prazdroj (IPA: [ˈpl̩.zɛɲskiː ˈprazdroj], Original Source of Pilsner), better known by its German name Pilsner Urquell (IPA: [ˈpɪlznɐ ˈʔuːɐ̯ˌkvɛl]), is a lagerbrewed in Plzeň, now in the Czech Republic, since 1842. Pilsner Urquell, the world’s first pilsner beer, is now produced by global brewer SABMiller.

Urquell was also the first blond beer which means it was made with coal there by leading to less dark beers than available at that time.

Strength: 5%

Review: Urquell tastes like Kingfisher beer of India of which I am a big fan owing to its light flavour. Goes well with all occasions and food

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