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BeNeLux: Belgium

Belgium trips in the past have mostly been day trips or weekend trips, this was the first time we actually did some slow travel and not covered a whole lot of places in one day and decided to stretch out the stay a bit. This trip was also the first with Yeshwin and Deepika for us 🙂 . This trip was somewhat put together after exploring quite a few options on whether or not to take Yeshwin’s car and the possibility of public transport and so on. The trip was planned around Liege, Ghent and Bruges.

Day 1: Eindhoven to Liege

I have passed by Liege before on my way back from Spa and also knew it would be a changeover location for Aywaille towards Remouchamps caves. But I have never considered Liege as  city to explore on its own.

We started off from Eindhoven by taking a train towards Maastricht and then switching over towards Liege from Maastricht. The entire journey went off quite smooth and without a hitch while we managed to get some shut-eye as we had risen quite early to make it to the trains and at Liege, we got on to the bus for the caves. The Liege station is actually remarkable and is absolutely a delightful design to look like a mountain itself a single peak.


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Belgian GP

Belgian GP was an event I had not planned for at all in Europe as I wanted to do Hungary GP but a chance conversation at work led me to book tickets and transport to Spa Francorchamps
THe transport was on time but by the time we reached Spa, the first race was nearly done and that is when I realised the reason why people camp there 2 days in advance. By the time the second race got underway, we were inside but struggling to find a place to watch the race from. After much discussion and deliberation, we figured out a spot in time for Porsche Mobil 1 Super cup.
The F1 race got underway a few minutes past 2 and within few minutes we also witnessed the crash of Magnussen in the high speed corner we were watching from. Looks horrible and fantastic at once. He got off without a scratch but the car had to be hauled off by a crane and many laps slowed down due to debris from the crash. Race resumed and got very interesting but from our corner we didn’t have much action. Kimi didn’t do well and so a bit of disappointment but overall race experience was great.

We started making our way out of Spa at 6 but as of this post 5 hours later, I am still an hour away from home because of the amount of traffic and logjams. A detailed post soon


Antwerp’s Awesomest Indian Eatery: Aahaar

When I am travelling, I am not a very picky eater. Veg/Non Veg all become game and depending on what is available, start gorging

And with all things in this world, there are exceptions

Aahaar, when I am in Antwerp, is that

Aahaar is a non assuming sort of place where everything else takes backseat to the food on offer. At 10 euros all you can eat meal being offered, the expectation is somewhat of a not good enough food on offer but that is where Aahaar gets it right. It not only offers a hearty sumptuous menu for its buffet but also very tasty, enough to satisfy hunger and taste cravings at the same time.

Aahaar also offers a wholesome South Indian and North Indian menu to go with the Buffet. The street food such as Sev Puri, Bhel Puri etc is very authentic and delicious. The Buttermilk and Lassis are perfect heat-beaters. The staff is courteous and good.

Overall, too say, Aahaar is highly recommended for lunch and dinner. Just make sure, you are aware of the Opening Time



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