During my visit to Oslo, i discovered Oslo was pretty unremarkable as city owing to its small size or it is just like almost every other European city excluding its Ski Ramp. However, there is so much to see and do if you use Oslo as a base point for start of travel into Norway.

Oslo can be a starting point to get on to the Scandinavian trains running through some picturesque spots. Or to get to Trolltunga with its jutting rock or to get to Bergen for its promise of Aurora Borealis or to get to Gothenburg in Sweden. One of the smaller excursions from Oslo is the Bærums Verk

Bærums Verk is a small tiny village nestled in the mountains near Oslo with a population of 8000 but was a source of national pride and self-reliance for many centuries as it was a major source of Iron for Norway and used to contain Iron Foundry churning out Cannons to Ovens. Even today, Bærums Verk is reminiscent of the same and not much has changed in the appearance of the place except for shiny shopping centers.

Bærums Verk is also a very nice place for a small hike through the woods in summer when there is a bit of sun and warmth in the air. So if you start off from Oslo towards Bærums Verk via the 168 bus then getting of Bekkestua is a good starting point for the walk. the 7 km walk through the smoothly rising mountains is both amazing and exhilarating. There is not much in terms of being able to get any food or water until you reach Bærums Verk so be forewarned. But the scenic walk is its own reward. At the top, there are nice cafes and restaurants by the river for relaxing and take in the sights and sounds