I have always wondered why do we make so many decisions all the time. I mean like really, people take too many decisions and some even enjoy making decisions. I have massive problems against decisions especially the inconsequential ones. Those are the ones I consider mundane, soul sucking and beyond a point absurd, unwarranted. The decisions that are inconsequential are one off, short lived and with very small payout. If you want to out a lot of thought in making a decision, make sure it is for something good, new or experiential

To just give an example, all the jeans I buy are wrangler jeans, shoes that I use everyday are puma. I know the fit n feel for the jeans and the shoes are perfect for the size I order in. Now trying to go for a new brand in either category means a whole lot of trying out new stuff, expecting a good fit and still when there is an issue trying to sort through solutions. Imagine the amount of time wasted!!! Criminal and pointless. The time which could have been used to do other interesting stuff. I could have put a lot of thought into buying shoes, but then I am not usain bolt and having the right kind of shoes is not going to help me shave a hundredth of a second. Putting that much thought in buying shoes will only be considered pointless by me.

I am not like Steve Jobs or Zuckerberg or even Obama, who wear same or similar clothes everyday of their life but for the Joneses and Janes who lead a pretty ordinary life like mine, I have the same question. Don’t we have enough indecisions and decisions regarding so many other aspects of life, that we add a decision point for everything in life and in doing so complicating an already complicated life