It has been a little more than 3 months since I started writing about beers and Project 52 as part of my new years resolution and can proudly state that among my 2 resolutions that have survived so far, this is one of them.

What I have learnt so far is that there are so many bers out there that it is practically impossible to taste all of them without killing yourself or ending up with serious problems related to liver or heart. However, just trying to start of something simple such as project 52 means I can choose what I want to try next in terms of type of beer or locale of beer. Initially, my thought was that I would solely be putting on belgian beersbut as time has progressed, I have tried out beers from Germany/Berlin, Hungary/Budapest. I now explore beers as part of the trips we, me and swapna, embark on. It also gives me more things to look forward to and take in during the trip other than just the landmarks, sights, events, cuisines.

Even though I have only posted 12 beers so far, I have sampled more than 20 of them but have been lazy to keep typing all in.

Till next post