Grolsch Kanon also Grolsch Krschtig Kanon literally translation meaning Grolsch Powerful Cannon is a fully loaded beer at 11.6% alcohol. It is a really insane beer from the Grolsch Brewery brewed since 1997. Grolsch brews nearly 100 years of specialty beers with rich flavors to suit different occasions and seasons.

Grolsch Powerful Cannon is a fully aged beer, strong and powerful taste. First is the sweetness that is slowly being taken over by a pleasant tingling on the tongue. Cannon is brewed with the utmost care, exactly as it should be drunk. A rich and powerful beer to quietly enjoy.

Brewery: Grolsch Brewery brewing beers since 1615

Strength: 11.6%

Review: Too strong and not in the same spirit as a beer and more like a cheap man’s rum.