I have been on Twitter for close to a decade now and in that time, I have seen it change from a place where it was cool to hangout to where negativity abounds and people are manipulated into joining camps. However, for all the times I have spent on Twitter, it has served as a portal where I can also get a lot of news that I would have never normally come across in my daily life. This has actually helped me in ways unknown to me and in forming my world views. Some good, mostly bad.

Coming to why this blog post, a few days back. I was contemplating how things are regressing back to what they used to be instead of what they could be. It was a quite simple trigger actually, perusing the evolution of vacuum cleaners in the 1960s. If we already had all the tech to put a man on the moon, invent vacuum cleaners and various medical devices, why are we not growing exponential but actually regressing.

Around us now, we are now planning to visit the moon when we should have put a colony on Mars, Concentration Camps (Detention Camps) are back, People are dying of easily preventable diseases such as Measles. All this is quite funny to me, not least because I am not affected but because we did already do these things and moved on. We walked on the moon, made medicines to cure diseases and prevent epidemics, defeated the Nazis. So what happened.

My hunch is we got complacent and patted ourselves on the back a bit too much. We collectively decided that we have achieved all that we ever could want and stopped. However, some diseases tend to come back and never really die without follow up medicines. Our tendencies to progress also got hit by the disease of complacency and forgot to keep moving onwards and upwards. Progress not only in terms of Materialistic things but also thoughts. Where we used to have people advocating more and more liberties of thinking, we now have people advocating the closeness of thoughts and closeted racial tendencies. None of this is more apparent in the behavior of our politicians who are not the most in tune with the times and are shoving their agendas on us, the people. The common man is as much to blame too by refusing to stand up to what is happening and instead of pulling their fellow people from under their rock, are piling bigger ones such that they do not come out for under the rock. This is actually going to cost us time, money and lives. The longer we engage in this behavior of segmenting people on the basis of their vulnerability, the longer it will take people to get to see the right thing and undo the damage we are wreaking on ourselves and thi world.

How do we get to ridding ourselves of the complacency and closeted bigotry, I am not sure but I think it has to do with acknowledging that we have those tendencies and dust off the cobwebs from ourselves and work towards making today, tomorrow and the coming days better by working towards towards progress of humanity as a whole