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Beer 16: Ringnes Pilsener

Ringnes Pilsener was the true Oslo/Norwegian beer i had during my Oslo trip. Oslo is very expensive for enjoying a good beer as it can cost up to 120 NOK (13 Euros) for a beer.

Beer: Ringnes Pils is Norway’s leading pilsener beer. It gets its golden colour from the use of pilsener malt. The taste is clean with a light and dry malt sweetness, a slight note of fruit and well balanced amount of hops.

Brewery: Ringnes AS is the largest brewery in Norway, employing 1600 workers. The brewery was founded in 1876 by the brothers Amund and Ellef Ringnes.

Strength: 4.5%

Review: Nice and Clean pilsener

More Info: Ringnes



Beer 10: Warsteiner Pils

Beer: Warsteiner is a Pilsener from Germany and is available in 60 countries around the world. Beer is a light beer with a very fresh taste, perfect with lunch or just hanging out with friends

Brewery: The Warsteiner Brewery was founded in 1753, and today is one of the largest privately held breweries in Germany. Its flagship is the Warsteiner brand, one of Germany’s leading premium pilsener brands.

Strength: 4.8% ABV

Review: Perfect for summer

More info: Warsteiner Pilsener


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