Well, we all hear everyday that Electric Cars are changing mobility in terms of carbon emission, full self driving, reduce accident rate etc. One of the aspects none is talking about is that Electric Cars are going to change the way cars are depicted in movies in a big way.

Imagine James Bond driving his Aston Martin DB9 fast on a winding mountain road being chased by a villian in an equally awesome car except that both are in electric cars. They could set the cars on Full Self Driving mode and concentrate on shooting at each other while the car navigate the curves on its own. Sounds exciting… Not so much. At least for me.

There will be more Fast and Furious type drag or drift sequence but no more cross border run scenarios with strapped on gas tanks for added mileage. Instead, there will be a series of stops for quick charging at supercharger like stations and more fight sequences at charging stations.

There will also be less shoot-at-the-dripping-oil-from-car scenario and instead more shoot-at-the-battery-pack scenarios with the big blow up of cars replaced by exploding batteries flying through the car.

Not all change is for the bad, there might be montages of Bond sipping on his Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred when he is relaxing in his car waiting to arrive at the villians lair than arriving sober and having to fight before relaxing with his Martini. Also, instead of movies jumping 8 hours to show start and finish of journey, they might show scenes when car is getting charged and the actors are doing something else. Or instead of figuring out which direction, the villains have taken off into, police might ping the superchargers and find out exactly where they are. The movie script writers may finally have to make the movies a wee bit more realistic in terms of what they can do with cars and what they cannot.

With all said, one thing is for sure, Electric Cars are coming to the silver screen and will alter the way, movies depict cars and car sequences.