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Beer 17-Apple Bandit Cider

Beer: Apple Bandit cider is very recent entrant into the world of Ciders from the House of Heineken. Apple Bandit is a cider with good balance between sweet and sour and is available in two variants, Apple Crisp and Juicy Pear,

Brewery: Heineken

Strength: 4.5% ABV

Review: In a shootout between Strongbow and Apple Bandit, i will go for Strongbow any day but considering the fact Strongbow is not as easily available here, Apple bandit does not feel a let down

More info: Apple Bandit

Beer 15: Kingswood Cider

I had Kingswood Cider when on a train from Budapest to Bratislava which is about 3 hours and passes through scenic countryside

Beer: Kingswood is a dry cider brewed in the Czech Republic

Brewery: Plzensky Prazdroj

Strength: 4.5%

Review: Pretty much a very average cider and very refreshing



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